weekly summary, vol. 36

PAIL Special Announcements & Reminders:

  • Don’t forget to sign up for our next book club! We are reading “Simplicity Parenting.”Sign up here! Posts are due on February 27th. Chandra just published the discussion questions list this week. They are meant to help you think more in-depth about the book, but feel free to write on any aspect of the book at all.
  • Jules presented our February Monthly Theme Post topic – planning ahead. Have you drawn up a will? Have you invested in life insurance? How did you decide what would happen to your frozen embryos? How have you prepared for the future for you and your child(ren)?
    • Important date to remember: please submit your post by this Wednesday, February 20th at midnight EST.

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Traathy kicked off our week  by featuring missohkay of the missadventures of missohkay in the Monday Snapshot! Check out the time warp pictures of missohkay and her daughter – a year ago and today. They are about to celebrate Miss E coming home from Africa one year ago!
    • Also please note, if you have signed up for the Snapshot, please make sure you update us if your contact info changes. We have had some issues contacting people who sign up. Also, please Sign Up if you have yet to be featured for the snapshot yet!
  • Jules posted a quick post entitled “taking a moment” – just to thank all of YOU for being so wonderful and supportive over the past year. YOU are really what makes PAIL the wonderful space that it is!
  • Chandra posted an important news item read about “personhood and A.R.T.” Please weigh in with your thoughts about the proposed personhood amendments and how they affect those of us who are trying to build our families through A.R.T.

PAIL Featured Post:

  • Josey presented our PAIL Blogger Featured Post this week – “waiting room,” by Em of Teach Me to Braid. She talks about TTC#2 and the feelings of being back in the waiting room at the RE’s office – just wishing and hoping that we all felt comfortable enough to reach out and support one other in that space. Em likens it to the support that marathoners give each other during a race – this post is definitely worth a read!

New to the Blogroll:

  • Poppyseed and Muffin – a blog about our life while living very far away from our families with LOTS of pictures!, born May 2011

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