monthly theme, feb 2013: “planning ahead” post listing

Here is the list of posts gathered from all of you for February’s monthly theme “Planning Ahead,” all about wrapping up those very loose ends for the future. Who will care for your child(ren) if something happens to you? Do you have life insurance, a savings account, embryos in storage? How have you approached this heavy topic, or haven’t you?

As always, please link us in the comments below if your post contains any helpful resources, references, or other ideas that you think might be a valuable addition to our Resources page. Don’t be modest!

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Suggested Prompts:

  • Do you have a will? When did you draw it up and what sorts of things did you decide on with regard to guardianship? (Feel free to elaborate on what factors made various people in your life “eligible.”)
  • Where do you live? Are you in a house you hope to stay in for years? A city you’re desperate to escape? Are you farther than you’d like to be from family (or, ahem, too close for comfort)?
  • Does the size of your world match your family’s needs (ie, do you need a bigger car or a house with an additional bedroom if you have another child)?
  • What about the details, like “my sister would be the guardian for our son but she has no idea what he likes to eat for breakfast”?
  • Do you have other safety nets in place, like life insurance?
  • What about those complicated questions, like the fate of your frozen embryos if something happens to you?

Contributing Bloggers:

  1. Kacey of Recipe for a Baby has been stuck in limbo trying to decide the fate of their lone frozen embryo in “Decisions, decisions…
  2. Bethany of Cloudy with a Chance of Infertility has already traipsed through the legal jungle of a living will and power of attorney, and her post is a good starting place for ideas if you haven’t yet begun this process.
  3. Stephanie of Blawnde’s Blawg and her husband have been weighing a lot of pros and cons with work, moving and adding to their family in Planning Ahead.
  4. Gemini Momma of Three Geminis and a Sagittarius says that “Planning Ahead is for Suckers,” but she’s found a healthy perspective on some of the tough guardianship and insurance issues.
  5. Mandski of Full Bed‘s post “Death” may sound foreboding, but as she processes the darker side of thinking about her own mortality she also hashes out some very practical, smart and carefully-laid plans for her daughter’s guardianship.
  6. Kristen of Buck Up, Buttercup puts it simply and poignantly in “I Can See Why People a Lot of Times Don’t Figure Out Guardians for Their Kids… It’s Really Hard.
  7. Josey of My Cheap Version of Therapy checks some items off the list and starts considering a few others in Who Could? Who Should? Who Would?
  8. Jules considers the death of her father-in-law as a benchmark for introducing these topics into her marriage and starts buckling down on prioritizing them in The Things You Don’t Expect.
  9. Mom PharmD considers the end of things and the risks of not getting one’s affairs in order in her post.
  10. Melissa of Banking On It jumped in with her post On Ignoring Priorities, but her post reveals that she does have some plans in place!
  11. C of Let There Be Sims gave us the breakdown of her family’s future planning in Is Your Financial House in Order?

My aside: I was wondering how this topic was going to pan out as a monthly theme. Would the combination of its dark but also potentially dry nature inspire people to skip this month and tune back in for March? After all, “dark” is an attention-grabber, but “dark” combined with “dry” has all the drama sucked out and leaves just the paperwork behind. But you guys… you totally turned it out this month. All of these posts are completely different from one another in tone, topic, perspective, emotion– everything. It’s incredibly varied and fascinating, and I and the rest of the PAIL team really appreciate your contributions and the time you put into writing and submitting these posts. As a second note, it seems a lot of you were midway through these conversations with your partners when the topic came up, so we’re glad it was timely as well!

Additional posts may be added through the end of the week, so check back in to see if any new posts pop up, and feel free to leave some general comments on the topic below.

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