weekly summary, vol. 37

PAIL Special Announcements & Reminders:

  • Don’t forget to sign up for our next book club! We are reading “Simplicity Parenting.” Sign up here! Posts are due on February 27th. Chandra published the discussion questions list last week. They are meant to help you think more in-depth about the book, but feel free to write on any aspect of the book at all.

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Traathy started the week by featuring Al, of Mellow in the Midwest, in the Monday Snapshot! Al shared a darling picture of her son Leopold sharing a morning shower with Daddy Carlos.
    • Also please note, if you have signed up for the Snapshot, please make sure you update us if your contact info changes. We have had some issues contacting people who sign up. Also, please Sign Up if you have yet to be featured for the snapshot yet!
  • Chandra shared our news item this week looking at the recent negative-media trend on the subject of infertility. See how you, yes all of you, are helping to kick this trend to the curb by reading, “ bucking the trend of bad infertility news.”
  • Jules posted the responses to the monthly theme post on planning ahead in regards to living wills, trusts, and deciding care for your children should something occur. For such a heavy topic we had a great response. Check out all the posts and feel free to add yours into the comments.

PAIL Featured Post:

  • Josey shared our PAIL Blogger Featured Post this week, I became a mother and died to live, by Janelle of Renegade Mothering. Janelle talks about the huge transition that motherhood is and how looking back and seeing the total identity change that came with it can evoke a sense of loss. And that is OK. We hope you’ll visit Janelle’s blog and share your thoughts!

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