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Rain is a Mom who blogs about life with her husband, MrRuger, and their son, Cadet. They have an open adoption with Mrs. J, Cadet’s birth Mom, and Rain’s most recent post is an extremely interesting read about that dynamic. Beyond the fact that Ms. J is currently incarcerated (and considering starting her own blog about that experience – how interesting would that be?!), it’s just awesome to read about how the relationship between them all has evolved into a truly familial relationship.

In Ms J’s words: “No one has the right to take issue with my choice to place Cadet for adoption. I did it for (him). In this adoption you have become family to me. You have supported me when my own family didn’t. Family isn’t about just about blood, it’s about who stands up for you. I stood up for Cadet and you have stood up for me even when you didn’t need to. That’s family. And who ever doesn’t agree with that is just crazy.”  (Take that adoption critics!)

She also talks about the work they are doing to make this a truly open adoption for Cadet:

…we also want to start establishing a healthy relationship between her and Cadet. We don’t want Cadet to remember a time when Ms J is not in his life. We want him to always know that she is important to us, and their relationship is something we’ll always encourage. What better way to do that, then start establishing visits? Provided that Ms J wants visits, of course.

People obviously choose different types of adoption for many different reasons…international vs. domestic, open vs. closed, or somewhere in between. It’s just so interesting to me to read about how each family works to make the decisions that work best for them and their child(ren).

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Rain @ Weathering Storms in her own words:

Hello, I am Rain (age: 35). I am married to McRuger (age: 33). Our son, Cadet, joined our family in September of 2011 through domestic adoption. We have a nutty little dog named Em, who is an expert at sleeping and running. We live in sunny California and have a passion for cooking (and eating).

Why a blog? Well, I love to write, I adore connecting with others, and I feel the need to share my experience.

And why did I choose “Rain” as a theme to my blog? To me, rain brings all good things. It encourages growth, feeds our rivers and oceans, and makes me feel happy. I have always loved rain more than sun. So, when I came up with a blog name, I wanted it to reflect something I love. Rain seemed to be the perfect choice.

Sit down, browse a bit, and enjoy the show. It will never be too boring, I promise.


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