pail book club

We’ve had some requests for an extension to our deadline for our PAIL book club, “Simplicity Parenting,” posts. So we have extended the deadline to this Monday at 9am. If you are still wanting to get your post in take the weekend to write and we’ll put all the posts up Monday afternoon. Click here for a link to the book club suggested questions.

*Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun surprise and chance to get to know members of the blogroll a little better!*

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  1. […] Submissions for Book Club posts have been postponed until Monday, March 4th at 9am. If you have a post brewing about Simplicity Parenting, our current book, please submit it to us by then so Chandra can add you to the list! (Not sure what to say about the book? We have a list of suggested prompts to get you started.) […]

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