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Our recent PAIL book club was “Simplicity Parenting, Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids.” The book was really in-depth and offered a lot to think about. Below are the prompts we offered to think about the book and the links to those who wrote posts about it. If you didn’t get a chance to write a post feel free to chime in by sharing a comment below.

Writing Prompts:

  • What is your “vision” for your family?
  • How do you think your life circumstances are uniquely suited/not suited to Payne’s message?
  • What do you all think would be the hardest things for you to change to simplify your life according to Payne’s suggestions?
  • Did anything in the book resonate particularly strongly with you?
  • How do you feel about Payne’s proposed ban on “adult topics” with kids? In your family, what do you intend to discuss with or keep from your kids?
  • What do you think about Payne’s theory of children having “Cumulative Stress Disorder?” Have you seen examples of it in real life?

Blogger Submissions:

1) Jules of Two Pink Tulips shared, Background Noise

2) Cheap? Tired? SIMPLE, from Gemini Momma of Three Geminis and a Sagittarius

3) Shannon of Chasing Rainbows shared, Simplicity Parenting

4) CJ of Metholic’s Blog, Simplicity Parenting

5) Mandski of Full Bed submitted, Pail Book Club: Simplicity Parenting

6) MomPharmD shared, Simplicity Parenting.


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the monday snapshot – Amy

Amy from Not Undecided is going to open up the week for us with her contribution to the The Monday Snapshot – an evolution of the MMM feature, meant to bring the PAIL blogroll to life by giving its members a chance to feature themselves and make new connections. 

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I took it Saturday morning during breakfast.  Baby Ike usually makes a cringe face when we try bananas squashed up on a spoon or lay slices on his highchair tray, but we got a much more enthusiastic reaction by just handing him a chunk of it and letting him feed himself (and the dog, of course)!



Now, get to know a little more about Amy with her answers to the Monday Snapshot “5 Questions”:

1) How long have you been blogging and how did you get started?

My blog began in late 2006, a few months after my first miscarriage.  I didn’t write much about it at first, and never really intended for it to become an infertility/miscarriage blog, but I was struggling a lot in the aftermath of the miscarriage and knew I needed an outlet of some sort.  I had been lurking in the infertility blogosphere for a while already, and had been reading Dooce for a long time so I decided to give it a shot, figuring there could be no harm in giving it a try.  Now I can’t imagine having gone through my RPL experiences not knowing how much support is out there in the online ALI community.

2) Tell us a little about your ALI journey and your family (3-4 sentences):

I’m an RPLer.  I had four early miscarriages (September 2006, December 2009, May/June 2010, and November/December 2010).  All of those were naturally conceived, but it took a boatload of pharmaceuticals to get my last pregnancy to stick:  many months setting the stage with Metformin and low-dose aspirin, then a Clomid cycle with prednisone and progesterone supplementation thrown in for good measure, followed by 36ish weeks of twice daily heparin injections.  This everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink approach (we didn’t ever really determine a clear cause for the repeated early losses) did finally work, and our son Isaac was born in June of 2012.  We hope to have a sibling for him at some point, but for now I am still enjoying being amazed that we actually had a baby!

3) What makes you unique in the blogging world? (e.g. special talent, rare diagnosis, life experience)?

While not absolutely unique, I’m sure, I do have a fairly rare hereditary skin condition called piebaldism (, so I have a white forelock and patches of skin with no pigmentation.  My mom has it, too, as did her mom, but my siblings do not and Ike doesn’t have it, either.

Also not unique but still uncommon, I was born on Leap Day (February 29th), so I only have a “real” birthday every four years.  Makes the off years fun, like this year.  My family always celebrated on the 28th while I was growing up, but some friends insist that it has to be March 1st if there’s no 29th, so I basically get a two-day birthday.  I fully intend to throw myself a ridiculous Sweet Sixteen birthday party the year I turn 64.

4) One word to describe yourself: 


5) What blog or website (IF or not) would you recommend to others? Why?

Misfit Mrs.  Having gone through RPL hell but never through IUI or IVF can be a weird slice of the ALI world.  While I could apparently conceive naturally, I certainly didn’t feel like a fertile, with the distinct lack of live births and all.  Misfit reached out to me during my last miscarriage with advice on what to expect for my D&C, and having that link to someone who had walked a somewhat similar path to mine really made the insanity seem survivable.  She puts into words what I’ve thought or felt so many times but have been unable to actually articulate.


As always, we want to see your Monday Snapshot as well, so please comment below with a link to your post– and of course, go visit  Amy at Not Undecided.

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