weekly summary, vol. 39

PAIL Special Announcements & Reminders:

  • The Book Club post listing for Simplicity Parenting is up. Have you read it? What were your thoughts?
  • 20 Questions, Answered! We had a fantastic response to our 20 Questions event this week! It’s been a ton of fun to write and read these posts– click over to see what you don’t know about your fellow PAIL bloggers.
  • Chandra brought us this month’s theme post on high standards. What are your standards for parenting? How have you handled your inevitable parenting mistakes? Join us with a post of your own (or comment if you don’t have a blog) by Wednesday, March 20th at midnight.

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • This week, Baby Ike gave us a great start to our weeks with an award-winning smile in his Monday Snapshot. He was also nice enough to bring along his mom, Amy of Not UndecidedClick over to get to know both of them.
    • If you have not yet been featured for the snapshot, please sign up here and share a moment in your day with us!
  • Josey asked us to weigh in on prioritizing our family relationships with this week’s news item. What comes first for you– marriage or kids– and what does that mean for your family?

PAIL Featured Post:

  • Jules shared a post by Arch Mama about infertility, sharing our stories, and healing. It’s a poignant and powerful post, so definitely check it out if you haven’t yet.

New to the Blogroll:

  • Show Us Your Crafty Bits – Crafty mum of two. One stillborn in 2011 and one rainbow in 2012, kids aged 2+
  • Midwife Linda – I share my personal journey through pregnancy after infertility, I also offer advice as a midwife and share stories from other women I have cared for. I feel like there is a reason as a midwife I was given the challenge of infertility, and now I have a unique perspective I would like to share with other women.
  • Created Family – Social working, feminist, homebirthing mama after infertility & loss, currently living in the beautiful Pacific NW, Babies under 1 year
  • Palmetto Bab(ies) – Sometimes inane, sometimes thoughtful look at life after infertility, Kids aged 2+
  • Then I laughed – Jessie adopted her son as a single mom then married a man with 5 children! She blogs about parenting, special needs, and the laughter in her daily life, Kids aged 2+

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