weekly summary, vol. 40

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Tracy started out the week for us by featuring Elizabeth from Bebe Suisse, who submitted a picture of her rapidly expanding waistline during a hike at the end of her ‘honeymoon’ trimester. Click here to read all about Elizabeth and see everyone else’s Monday Snapshots!
  • Jules posted our first ever news item collection featuring a sampling of articles that we have come across recently regarding the things we don’t talk about (and the things that we do). Check out this great collection of articles here!
  • Chandra put up the list of bloggers who participated in our monthly theme for March, “High Standards.” How about you, did your ALI journey affect your parenting standards? Chime in here!

PAIL Featured Post:

  • SRB shared a post by The Infertile Housewife regarding the difficulty she had processing her feelings about her breastfeeding experience and the absurd lack of support and understanding she was given. It’s an awesome read – check it out!

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