weekly summary, vol. 42

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PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Emma  from Emma in Mommyland started our week off by being our featured blogger for our Monday Snapshot. Emma shared about her son’s 1st birthday and her sweet idea of having guests bring gifts to donate to the NICU, where her son spent some time. Check out Emma and all the other snapshots posted in the comments! And click HERE to sign up to be featured in a future Monday Snapshot.
  • Traathy guest blogged for us, sharing about her Open Adoption and the family that is often forgotten, or left behind after a ‘typical’ adoption. Traathy shares what it really means to be in an Open Adoption, what it really means to embrace the idea of “family”. We hope you’ll read Traathy’s post and leave your thoughts.
  • Josey shared a news article reviewing research that showed a child’s emotional health and happiness is directly related to whether or not they have a strong family narrative. Check out this fascinating research and let us know, do you have a family narrative?

PAIL Featured Post:

  • Chandra  shared our feature post, Re-boiled, by Justine, of, A Half Baked Life. Justine writes about seeing your child inherit certain traits of yours, and worrying if they are possibly negative traits. Justine also writes about that moment when you realize you have done something just like your own parents did when you were a child, and not liking that realization. Check out the post, and also check out the tasty recipe included with it!
  • Jules shared a “mini-feature”  from Julia of 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 baby, with a great message about getting CPR/first-aid Certified. Please read this post to learn about Julia’s frightening ordeal and thankfully happy ending.

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