Reminder! april 2013 – monthly theme: NIAW

Just a friendly reminder from everyone here at PAIL – don’t forget to “JOIN THE MOVEMENT” and write a post to submit to Resolve for National Infertility Awareness Week!

While we are not officially working with RESOLVE, we highly encourage you to participate in this very important blog challenge. One of our core messages at PAIL, and the cornerstone of our mission statement is to “keep talking” through this part of the ALI journey. Your story, your journey, and your path to healing matters. Writing on the suggested prompts above from your current place on the journey lends an important perspective and new avenues on how to Join the Movement.

For full details on how to participate in the Bloggers Unite Challenge (including how to submit your posts and formatting) please click here.

Your post must be submitted directly to RESOLVE by tomorrow, April 27, to enter the challenge. If you would like to link your post up to us as well, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post, but remember, you must submit your post to RESOLVE first if you want them to also include your entry. We will post links to the full list from RESOLVE as well as your posts for all to read and get inspired!


  1. […] to a close, and some of you have written some fantastic posts about this year’s theme “Join the Movement.” We’ll be posting links to your submitted posts in just a few days, and today’s […]

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