monthly theme, April 2013: “join the movement” posts listing

For April’s Monthly Theme Post, we decided to piggy-back on RESOLVE’s “join the movement” idea. Only a few people remembered to send their posts to us (I know I saw a lot more of these posts in my reader!), but I hope that all of you did remember to submit your posts to RESOLVE. While we are not officially working with RESOLVE, one of our core messages at PAIL and the cornerstone of our mission statement is to “keep talking” through this part of the ALI journey. Your story, your journey, and your path to healing matters. Below are the few people that submitted to us, plus a link to the full list over at Resolve. Thank you to all who participated!

Contributing Bloggers:

  1. Miss Ohkay – In which she climbs on her soapbox. – Join the movement
  2. itsjustaboxofrain – Thoughts on how domestic adoption ended the heartbreak of childlessnees for her and her husband – but not the heartbreak of infertility. – Join the movement
  3. Heather –  I talk about what I’ve done to create resources for the community – free e book, some audios, blogging… And how bloggers have inspired me. – Join the movement
  4. Josey – How sharing our struggle with others has helped us to heal. – Join the movement
  5. slese – Join the movement

The full list of bloggers who contributed to the Bloggers Unite Challenge can be found by clicking here.

If you are still writing your post, forgot to link up your post, or these posts inspire you, link up in the comments. Additional posts will be added to our list for the new few days, so check back in to see if any new posts pop up, and feel free to leave some general comments on the topic below.

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