weekly summary, vol. 47

PAIL Special Announcements/Reminders:

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  • Mothers’ Day, Birthmothers’ Day and Stepmothers’ Day all occur in May, check out how we are celebrating by reading Josey’s post “Mothering: A Tribute to the Cause.”
  • Also keep an eye out this Sunday, May 12th, when you are all relaxing and enjoying your day, to see a link round-up of all our great Mothering posts!

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • This week’s Monday Snapshot featured Kerri of Uncommon Nonsense. Check out her little girl on the carousel, so sweet!
  • Our News item this week featured an article on post-adoption depression, a little known and little talked about issue. The author’s offers honest reflections on her personal battle with post-adoption depression and shares insights into its causes. Check out news item: post adoption depression to learn more.

PAIL Featured Post:

  • Jules featured a touching and heart wrenching post by E of Dreaming of Babies as she processes welcoming another child into her life while also facing a very serious and scary medical condition. We hope you’ll read Laying it all out there and send good thoughts to E and her family.

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