monthly theme, May 2013: “body image”

Body image after having a child is a tricky enough subject– but what about body image after an ALI journey? For many mothers, there is an inherent conundrum of feeling like less of a woman at the exact moment in time that they have less time than ever before to focus on themselves and their body/health.

With summer quickly approaching, I’m guessing that many of you will have thoughts on this. I know that I personally have struggled with embracing my post-baby body, and beyond that, I have struggled to find the time – or really, to MAKE the time – to squeeze in exercise and to make healthy meals for myself and my family, even though I know how important it is.

This month we are curious to know how you feel about your body now that you’re pregnant and/or parenting after an ALI journey. As always, here are some prompts to get you thinking, but feel free to write on any topic:

  • How do you feel about your pregnancy / post-partum / post-adoption body?
  • Did you have weight gain in addition to pregnancy gain because of depression, fertility meds, etc?
  • How did you handle the psychological effects of weight gain from a pregnancy(ies) that you lost?
  • If you adopted, did you turn to food during the seemingly endless waiting period?
  • How do you / have you made time to focus on your health/body since becoming a mother?
  • Do you focus more on healthy food, good exercise, or a mix of both?

As always, if you don’t have a blog we welcome your comments on the topic below and we’ll link your comment in the post listing.

Entries for this month’s theme are due Wednesday, May 22nd at midnight, EST. The full list of links will go live on Thursday, May 23.

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