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  • Check out our “Mothering: A Tribute To The Cause” wrap-up on all things Mothers’ Day from the past week. Thank you to the seven bloggers who shared their intimate thoughts on this very complicated and often bittersweet holiday.
  • It’s Monthly Theme Post time again! May’s theme is “Body Image”–  just in time for the upcoming bathing suit season, am I right? I don’t know that I’ve ever met a single woman who has no opinion on this, but in case you need help getting started, Josey‘s write-up features a whole slew of questions to get the hamster wheel spinning. Check it out, think about it, and come back to share your thoughts and experiences with us!

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • This week, Sam of The Cass Family took over our Monday Snapshot with a neat photo comparison of her son from his newborn days to now at a year and a half. My girls are the same age and I’ve been sneaking peeks back at their old newborn photos, so this hits me right in the soft stuff. (If you haven’t hosted a Monday Snapshot post yet, be sure to click the link below under “Stay Connected” to sign up!)
  • Josey shared with us a very popular recent post by Pastor Steve Wiens, who writes about infertility from the male partner’s perspective, on “Ten Words That Describe Infertility.” This one has been passed around online quite a bit lately as it seems to have resonated with a lot of people, and Josey gives us a space to share amongst ourselves– what three words define infertility for you?

PAIL Featured Post:

  • This week, Chandra featured a Mothers’ Day-themed post from Serene Jones entitled “Worst Expectations: Motherhood Lost,” touching on the very real experience of Mothers’ Day for those who have lost a much-wanted child, be it through pregnancy loss, failed adoption, or another loss.

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