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Well, it seems to be one if those slow weeks in the internetz and unfortunately I haven’t heard back from any of the bloggers who signed up for the Monday Snapshot yet! Soooo you get me this week 🙂

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Good morning everyone!

May long weekend for the past two years has been really tough for my husband and I. It was exactly three years ago that we found out that our first daughter wasn’t going to live and three years ago that I found a place in the land of loss. The year immediately following her loss being the hardest and last year being crazy in that we had a 3.5 month old and I was a sleep deprived mess. This year, it’s been quiet with a few bouts of panic and occasional tears which kick me in the butt when I least expect it. The good – some of the greatest Internet girls in the world offer guidance in times of random darkness. A special thank you to my T.Dot lady who held my hand virtually through a particularly dark patch recently. The other good. Scratch that. The great. I get to hold this girls hand forever. Time flies when you are having fun and covered in mud!


Traathy – C’mon, you can figure that out right? After a failed IVF, a medically induced stillbirth, and three additional miscarriages she is now a new mom to beautiful lil baby K through a local domestic open adoption. She’s a high school guidance counsellor by day and self-admitted know it all by night.

Lover of wine, cheese, chips, and crackers her blood pressure is constantly in question. Traathy stopped blogging recently due to a schedule which leaves her TIRED all the time. She can be contacted at theyalllived [at] gmail [dot] com or she can be found on Twitter (sometimes).

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