monthly theme, June 2013 – “looking back”

While it may be a bit of a delicate term for what so many of us have been through, our experiences through infertility, adoption and loss are often referred to as a “journey.” Journeys can travel winding roads with surprise pit stops, departures from the chosen path, or maybe hard straight lines that barrel on stubbornly towards a clear goal.

Where has your journey brought you? Where have you been?

This June marks the one-year anniversary of PAIL. As a website, we remember what we were doing a year ago, but what about all of us as its individual readers?

I know where I was a year ago. I had two six-month-olds and was preoccupied with moving them from our bed to their cribs, starting solid foods, and preparing to live with my parents for most of the summer while my husband studied for the bar (yikes!). This June, we’re trying to KEEP one of our rambunctious toddlers in her crib at night, she’s starting to reject foods that she loved last year, and my husband is concurrently job-hunting and taking on his own clients in the meantime. TWO years ago, though… that was a trip. I was a few months pregnant and simultaneously thrilled and freaking out. And the year before that I was losing hope that it would ever happen.

A lot can change in just a few years, can’t it?

This month’s monthly theme topic is “Looking Back.” What were you doing last June, or two, three, four or more Junes ago? How about when you started your blog? We’ve all been on our own individual journeys all along, but journeys look different when you measure where you are now against specific points in your past.

So jump in and share with us: how has your life changed?

Fill in the form below to submit a post from your blog and share your experiences with us! Posts are due by next Thursday, June 27th at midnight and the listing will be posted on Friday, June 28th.


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