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Happy Tuesday PAIL Bloggers!

You may have noticed that after an entire year of doing Weekly Summaries, we quit writing them last month.  Honestly – it’s a lot of work to maintain this website (insert cheesy but true quote about “labor of love” here!), and as much as we truly do love the work we do here, sometimes life gets busy, and we decided that the Weekly Summary could go in order to insert a larger dose of time and sanity into our lives. 🙂 Remember, if you’d like to help us out with finding great new content for the site, please check out our “tending the garden” blogiversary post!

With that being said, we didn’t want the new joiners of the PAIL Blogroll to miss out on a little recognition, so once a month we will do a quick “meet & greet” link up to all of the bloggers who have joined up since the last update.

Today, in place of the weekly Feature Posts we highlight by PAIL Blogroll members (if you have a great post to submit – yours or someone else’s – click here!), please take a minute to click through the newest blogroll members and see if one of their posts speaks to you.

  • Journey of a New IVF Mum – Experiences with fertility treatment and thoughts as a new IVF mum. (baby born June 2013)
  • Unexplained Rantings – Five years, four losses, one bio baby boy, and family-building through foster-adoption (due Nov 2013)
  • Fallopian Groove – Novice blogger and full time lawyer confronts infertility, tries and tries to get pregnant. Gets pregnant, holds breath, hilarity ensues. (due Dec 2013)
  • It’s Miller Time – Chronicles of midwestern parenting after 4 years of infertility, and now TTC #2 (born May 2012)
  • Waiting for Baby – After 20 months TTC and 5 failed IUIs, finally pregnant while dealing with PCOS and hypothyroidism. (due Jan 2014)
  • Cablearms – Blogging about mother/parenthood after 3 miscarriages, life, love, art and the occasional snark, born March 2013


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