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Hey everyone! We know it’s been a busy summer, but we would still love to hear your thoughts about feeding your child. It’s such a diverse topic, and we could definitely all learn from each other’s experiences and struggles, our triumphs and tribulations.

Did you write your monthly theme post yet?

Submissions are due tonight!


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  1. Ahh I really wanted to do this one, darn it. We leave today on vacation so no way I can do it now, but will try to do a very very late submission on the topic during our trip when I get some down time. Sorry I couldn’t get this done in time!! 😦

  2. Ack, I wanted to have this done too (I started!) but have been under the weather. Hopefully I’ll finish sooner rather than later!

  3. Your reminder inspired me. Just submitted a post, a few hours late, but hopefully the lateness can be excused if I say it was because I was feeding my child? 😉

    • Haha, I’m just putting the post together now, and another submission already came in after yours! The post will be up soon. 🙂


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