monthly blogroll member update (august)

Hi PAIL Bloggers – it’s time for our monthly update of who is new to the PAIL Blogroll!

Please take a minute to click through the list of our newest blogroll members and find your new favorite blogger. 🙂

  • Coyote – I’m snarky and 42, and expecting in December… I laugh a lot and my sarcasm and skepticism keep me sane. I’m still half-convinced this is all a joke and I’m going to have an alien serial killer as a child. Or perhaps just a large vibrating mango, which is what it currently feels like (due December 2013)
  • Remembering Doria – One man’s journey after his daughter died via stillbirth (due September 2013)
  • Handpicked Miracle – Parenting a micropreemie after infertility and an extremely high risk pregnancy (born October 2012)
  • Journey with Endometriosis – Living with endometriosis, infertility and parenting after a pregnancy from hell (born October 2012)
  • a well-adjusted pessimist – Parenting after multiple fertility treatment cycles and doing home improvements in my spare time – ha! (born April 2013)
  • Airplanes from Heaven – My journey of motherhood and life with children after a stillbirth. (kids aged 2+)
  • My journey through infertility, pregnancy, & loss – We have struggled with Infertility & Loss and now pregnant again (due March 2014)

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We’d also like to welcome Julia to PAIL as a full time contributor! She’s been helping us out with posts on PAIL for a few months now, and we decided it was high time to make her a more official part of PAIL. Thanks so much for all of your help, Julia!

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