september 2013 – monthly theme post listing – why we blog

Here are the submissions for this month’s theme: Why We Blog. Each post had a variety of reasons listed for why the author blogged, but the main thread through each of them was for connection. We couldn’t agree more.

The past few months have had us reflecting on why we blog here at PAIL. Ultimately, it was like you, for connection. Each of us is undergoing a major shift in our lives, and the focus of PAIL Bloggers will be shifting along with it. Our ultimate goal has always been to connect folks crossing over to “the other side” for the next leg of the journey. As such, we will be returning to our roots going forward, with the focus being primarily on monthly theme posts and connecting you all with each other. We will continue to welcome bloggers to the blogroll and update you on new arrivals each month. See you in October!

Suggested Writing Prompts

  • Did you start blogging before, during, or after your journey though infertility/loss/adoption? 
  • Why did you start blogging? What has kept you blogging?
  • When you became a parent did you transition your blog or start a new space? What were your reasons for doing so? How do you feel about your decision now?
  • Have you ever felt pressure to blog about certain things and not others? What influences your writing, if anything?
  • What did you hope to achieve by blogging? Do you feel that you have done this?
  • Why is blogging important to you NOW?
  • What value do you see in blogging the “after”? 

Contributing PAIL Bloggers

  1. Sarah at Mommyhood After Fertility Frustration writes “For 3 years, I’ve been spewing my crazy thoughts, feelings and experiences into the universe for sanity and hoping at least one person gets a little something out of my ramblings.” in her post Oops I Did It Again.
  2. Kasey at has written a “A three part series about why I blog and how finding the IF community has inspired me to change how I blog (even if I haven’t made the change quite yet).”
  3. S from Misconceptions About Conceptions has written “Why I blog: to maintain my sanity and reassure myself that I’m not alone.
  4. Sara-Lynn from Home Grown Love says “For me, blogging is about connecting, providing hope, and giving my thoughts a space of their own.” in her post What Blogging Means to Me.
  5. Josey from My Cheap Version of Therapy tells us that “Things change over the years, but my goal is that my space will continue to evolve with me and continue to be “my cheap version of therapy.”
  6. Courtney at All the Sun For You discusses “Finding connections through shared experiences and blogging” in her post Real Connections.
  7. SRB from Little Chicken Nuggets reflects on “taking many, many steps forward and one giant step back” in her post I Didn’t Make It Into the Newspaper.
  8. No Baby Ruth says “From keg parties to dinner parties, I blog because it makes me feel less alone” in BYOB.
  9. Elizabeth from Bébé Suisse says “I was headed this way anyway, but this month’s theme really made me think about why I blog … and why I won’t.” in her post Not really alone, revisited: why I blog(ged).
  10. Mrs T (formerly known as miss oh kay) from A Plus Effort shares her thoughts and recycles a past post from her 3rd blogiversary called “Thinking Things.”
  11. Ozifrog (jo) from Maybe baby, J-man and the adventures of Hub-in-boots tells us “Why I’m “out” about IVF, Infertility, parenting in all it’s highs and lows, and creating a new me from the smorgasbord of selves. In short, why I blog.” in her post Write to life.
  12. Emma from Emma in Mommyland is “Figuring out what I want out of blogging and where my blog stands in Blog World.” in her post What Am I Doing Here?
  13. Esperanza from Stumbling Gracefully tells us that “On the eve of my second child’s birth I’m once again rethinking why I blog.”
  14. This Foxy Mama returned to blogging at a new location after a short hiatus and answers the question “Why do i blog?
  15. asterisk mama from Mama Asterisk* is also newly blogging at a new location and contributed her thoughts with “Why I Blog.
  16. Better late than never(!), Wifey at Punch Today In The Face contributed her two cents with PAIL: Why I Blog.

If you are still writing your post, or these posts inspire you, link up in the comments. Additional posts will be added through the end of the week, so check back in to see if any new posts pop up, and feel free to leave some general comments on the topic below.


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