monthly blogroll member update (september)

Hi PAIL Bloggers – it’s time for our monthly update of who is new to the PAIL Blogroll!


Please take a minute to click through the list of our newest blogroll members and find your new favorite blogger. 🙂

  • Thought Provoking Moments – Mom to triplet boys after a long and gruesome struggle with infertility (born June 2013)
  • Mama Asterisk – Making sense of my own version of motherhood, which includes transracial adoption (born March 2012)
  • Adoption Rocks: Building Our Family One Kid at a Time – We have an adopted daughter and a biological son. Our journey to adopting another child.
  • Home Grown Love – After seven years of struggling to create a family, my husband and I are entering a new journey of becoming parents to twins and continuing to discover what it means to create ʺhome grown love.ʺ (due November 2013)

As an FYI on blogroll maintenance, we do our best to keep the blog roll current while at the same time keeping in mind that everyone’s time available for blogging can go in phases. Every month or so we go through the blogroll list & email everyone who hasn’t blogged in 6 months or more. If you want to be kept on the blogroll, get back to us! Otherwise, you are removed in an effort to keep only active bloggers on the blogroll to help people connect with others who are still active in the blogging community.

If you haven’t blogged in one year and don’t have the PAIL Button on your page or if you have moved your site to a private (password protected) blog, you are also automatically deleted, as that defeats the purpose of anyone being able to connect with you through your blog who finds you through the blogroll.

Thanks for your understanding!


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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for weeding out the inactive and password protected blogs. That hard work is much appreciated.

    • No prob! Traathy & Julia have been the rock stars handling that end of things! It really is a huge undertaking, but we want the blogroll to stay current & relevant as much as possible.

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