babies aged 1-2 years

  1. A Fine Mess–Raising our beautiful miracle baby after miscarriage and infertility. , born July 2012
  2. Baby and the Geeks– Adventures of Geek tackling mommyhood after IVF with MFI, born July 2012
  3. Life Begins–Pregnant after IF, talking about my life in a nutshell, born July 2012
  4. Metholic’s Blog–2+ years TTC, IVF miscarriage, a cystectomy and husband’s varicocele surgery. Sarcasm is my BFF, born July 2012
  5. Discovering Joy In The Storm – After 5 years of failed infertility treatments and loss we moved on to adoption and had a great experience, born July 2012.
  6. According To C –Exploring the new realm of becoming a wife and mother, born August 2012
  7. A little bit of special–Finding a balance between work and motherhood after struggling with infertility, born August 2012
  8. Emskyrooney–Everyday life, unexplained secondary infertility, and parenting a newborn and a preschooler, born August 2012
  9. Everyday Love–Living, loving, laughing and most of all learning through this life I’ve been given, born August 2012
  10. maybe baby, j-man and the adventures of hub-in-boots–After IVF and the pregnancy from hell, the adventures continue, with the arrival of j-man, observations on living in the baby bubble and the alternate universe of parenthood, born August 2012
  11. Just Smile and Blog–Pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility and pregnancy after miscarriage, born August 2012
  12. Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.?–It’s about infertility treatments, multiple losses and now pregnancy, born August 2012
  13. Still Dreaming–Surprise natural pregnancy after 6 years TTC, two miscarriages, 2 IVF’s, and 3 IUI’s, born August 2012
  14. bubhub–Delighted to be pregnant after a two-year tussle with infertility, born August 2012
  15. Greer’s Gossip – My blog is about my life as a wife and soon to be SAHM, born August 2012
  16. Nobabiesyet–My worries and acceptance in pregnancy after a loss, born September 2012
  17. Life in the Fruit Basket – I’m a 29 year old unemployed art therapist, living with my husband, our new baby twins (Apple and Banana – born Sept 8 2012), and two cats in a small apartment in a big city, born September 2012
  18. Baby Angel B – This blog is my journey to carry my son despite news that he would not live outside my womb, born September 2012
  19. Life and Love in the Petri Dish – Six miscarriages, seven IVFs, then finally 1 miracle little girl (10/2012). Balancing life as a psychologist and new mom, born October 2012.
  20. The Chronicles of Violetta Margarita–journey through infertility to pregnancy – awareness, support, creativity, design, life, born October 2012
  21. Diary Of A Crazy Person–Pregnant through an IUI after 4+ years TTC, born October 2012
  22. Relaxed No More – hearing the clock tick–In my late 30s, and after a biochemical in 2011, pregnant after IVF, born October 2012.
  23. eggceptional blues – Came to this community struggling with infertility and now on the journey to parenthood, born October 2012
  24. Baby-Making Merry-go-Round – Finally pregnant after TTC 20 months and IVF#1, born October 2012
  25. Rainbowmaking101 – My journey through miscarriage, infertility and IVF, pregnant with twins, and now thankfully parenting twins, born October 2012
  26. Babylicious Tales2 under 2, teacher mom trying to figure it all out, born October 2012 & March 2011
  27. A Place Where I Can Be Me – From newlywed, to first time mom, to infertile and now parenting after IF, born October 2012.
  28. Handpicked Miracle – Parenting a micropreemie after infertility and an extremely high risk pregnancy, born October 2012
  29. Journey with Endometriosis – Living with endometriosis, infertility and parenting after a pregnancy from hell, born October 2012
  30. My life in a nut shell – Repeat Pregnancy Loss, Rainbow baby, pregnancy after loss, born November 2012
  31. The Quest for Little Lambies–3 years of infertility followed by a lovely surprise BFP, born November 2012
  32. Solo Pronto – Pregnancy after infertility/loss. Documenting the journey. Enjoying every second of the ride I’m on, born November 2012.
  33. The Lowe Road – Struggled with IF for almost 2 years and finally pregnant after our first IUI, born November 2012
  34. {My}Perspective – Being a mom after 2 years of TTC, one IUI and the IVF that gave us our baby boy, born November 2012
  35. Welcome to Kellyland – In Kellyland there is nothing but puppies and rainbows then reality sets in, born November 2012
  36. Bleeding Tulip – Surprise pregnancy after 2+years of unexplained IF & 1 MC. Struggling w/ overweight pregnancy, Eastern Orthodox and a little granola, born December 2012.
  37. Sinking in a World of IF-An Army wife living in Germany pregnant after infertility, born December 2012.
  38. Running Peanut – The musings of a southern, sarcastic, vertically-challenged runner,  pregnant after two years of infertility, born December 2012.
  39. Unruffled Lanie – Natural pregnancy after 2 years of TTC, born December 2012.
  40. MissConception – Parenting a little rainbow baby boy after 4 years of infertility and the loss of 20 week boy/girl twins in 2011, born December 2012.
  41. The M House – parenting after loss, domestic adoption, born December 2012.
  42. My new journey with being a new mom, a former infertile & whatever else comes along First time Mom to baby girl, dealing with PCOS,  & being a farmers wife, born January 2013
  43. Imploding Chickens – figuring out parenting after ivf, born January 2013
  44. 3hearts2hold1love –  A blog about living and parenting a toddler and baby after infertility, born January 2013
  45. Created Family – Social working, feminist, homebirthing mama after infertility & loss, currently living in the beautiful Pacific NW, born February 2013
  46. Mom PharmD–A student pharmacist & mom balances school, career, & parenting with a surprise pregnancy… eep! Born March 2008 & February 2013
  47. Kate @ Infertile First Mom – Birthmother and former adoption professional battles secondary IF (DOR), and finally gets her miracle pregnancy, born February 2013.
  48. Reese’s Rants and Raves – RN, firstborn son died at 15 days old in 2006, daughter Roo born in 2007, currently pregnant, born March 2013
  49. Cablearms – Blogging about mother/parenthood after 3 miscarriages, life, love, art and the occasional snark, born March 2013
  50. mylifeisaboutthejourney –  baby boy #1 born after experiencing 3 miscarriages in 1 year, born April 2013
  51. Bébé Suisse – Pregnancy after loss & expat life in Switzerland, born June 2013
  52. Reading Each Page – Pregnancy after infertility (PCOS), born May 2013
  53. A Little Hope in My Pocket – Currently pregnant after IF and two losses (one at 18 weeks, one at 7 weeks), born May 2013
  54. Our Pathway to Parenthood Pregnancy after 26 months of infertility including multiple surgeries for a uterine septum, husband’s testicular cancer, IVF, OHSS, and a successful FET, born May 2013.
  55. The Infertility Voice – The Infertility Voice empowers every infertility patient to embrace hope, live a fertile life, speak up and be informed, born May 2013
  56. The Question Now Becomes…– Life in London with a lovely hubs with with twins after donor insemination, born May 2013
  57. Theresa – Mom to boy/girl twins after IVF who blog about life, parenting and running, born May 2013
  58. Worth The Wait – New mom to boy/girl twins born thanks to IVF, born June 2013
  59. Journey of a New IVF Mum – Experiences with fertility treatment and thoughts as a new IVF mum, born June 2013
  60. ThoughtProvokingMoments – Mom to triplet boys after a long and gruesome struggle with infertility, born June 2013
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