babies under 1 year

  1. Our Griswold – New mom to girl/girl twins after IVF #2. IVF and FET #1 both brought early losses, born, July 2013
  2. Our Journey to a Family of Four – After four years of ttc and lots of tears and prayers, we have our two precious miracle babies (twins), born July 2013.
  3. alleyrose – An avid baker, pregnant with baby #1 after a 23-month battle with infertility, born August 2013
  4. For This Child I Prayed –  Parenting two kids under two after battling infertility for years, born August 2013
  5. Making a Little Manning – The Manning’s are finally pregnant with our first from our last Frozen Embryo Transfer.
  6. Our Baby Making Journey – Two mommies awaiting the arrival of their baby girl after 2.5 years of fertility treatments.
  7. rememberingdoria – One man’s journey after his daughter died via stillbirth.
  8.  Greetings from Nowhere – New mom after 3 years of IF, baby born after 1st round of IVF, born September 2013
  9. Three Fern Lane – Turning a House into a Home, born October 2013
  10. Mommyhood after Fertility Frustration – After an unexplained diagnosis & 4 years of waiting and treatments, welcomed daughter in 12/2011 via IVF and expecting #2 in 10/2013 via FET, born October 2013.
  11. Waiting, Wishing, Hoping – Currently (unexpectedly) pregnant after an infertility treatment baby born June 2012.
  12. Unexplained Rantings – Five years, four losses, one bio baby boy, and family-building through foster-adoption, born October 2013
  13. Home Grown Love – After seven years of struggling to create a family, my husband and I are entering a new journey of becoming parents to twins and continuing to discover what it means to create “home grown love.” born, October 2013.
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