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Walk into any bookstore and it will become immediately clear: there are a lot of parenting books out there. Some are helpful “how-to” guides, some are touching “our story” memoirs, and some will make steam shoot out of your ears. In any event, parenting books are best served with a side of discussion to process what you have read – which is why Esperanza of Stumbling Gracefully created the PAIL Book Club!

How the Book Club works:

  • The current host chooses (and we welcomes ideas!) a book to read, share and discuss. The book will be announced on the main page with some thoughts on why it may make for an interesting read.
  • You comment on that post (including your URL), indicating that you are interested in the current selection.
  • After a month or so, the host will prompt you to submit a question and/or quotation from the book to her to gather points for discussion.
  • You will submit your final discussion post (including the post URL) to us by the due date, and we will post a listing of participants on the main page. You are then encouraged to move around, read, discuss, share, and comment.
  • The host provides a timeline, and anyone who is interested in joining her purchases or borrows the book. We all read, and then we discuss. Simple!

The PAIL Book Club was originally hosted on Esperanza on her blog, however, we will be now be hosting it here at PAIL Bloggers (under this tab) to encourage participation in the project and direct readers around the blogosphere. You can use the drop down menu to browse the list of past books and join the discussion. It is never too late to leave a comment!

If you have an idea for a future Book Club book, please contact us!

Share. Visit. Read. Comment. Support.

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