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Last week I was reading a post by Kerri of Uncommon Nonsense in which she posed a really awesome, thought provoking question:

I’m wondering if any of you would ever consider moving to a different state just to have fertility treatments covered under your health insurance plan…

While TTC#1, she and her husband were not in a great financial place to take on the not-insubstantial expenses of an RE and ART, but they forged ahead and did it, like many of us have done and many of us will continue to do along our ALI journeys.

If we had waited, perhaps I would have only crumbled further, losing myself more and more into my depression…I can’t know this for sure, but I know myself pretty well and I just feel it would have gone that way.  We didn’t wait…we begged and borrowed, and took on more debt, but we also got lucky;  It worked, and it was all totally worth it in the end.

How many of us have also done this? How many of us have added the considerable load of financial strain to the already heavy burden of emotional and physical strain that IF puts on us, simply so that we can have a plan, get to the next step… and hopefully have that child in our arms?

They now live in a state with great mandated IV coverage, where the financial side of ART is no longer a factor in their decisions. This got her thinking:

… knowing how liberating and exceptional it is to now live without that infertility treatment financial burden hanging over my head, I wonder would someone ever move here – or to another state with similar IVF coverage – just to take advantage of our infertility mandate.  If you could make the move, would you, or is it just too crazy an idea to consider?

Would you? Could you?

To read her full post “Blocked!” and chime in with your thoughts, visit Kerri’s blog, Uncommon Nonsense. Comments here are closed to encourage everyone to connect directly with her.


Kerri in her own words: For those of you who don’t know me, let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Kerri, and I’m a stay at home mom living in the Greater Boston area with my husband Shobhit, our cat Millie, and the newest addition to our family, our little baby girl Simran Abigail (AKA Bean).

This is my first public blog (meaning not anonymous), and it has been a huge decision to go public as a blogger and as an infertile – to open my writing up to friends and family, and of course to criticism.  My hope in doing this is that others in my life may benefit from my experiences, and so, here goes nothing…


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