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Josey – Mommy to Stella (born Dec.2011) after a two year TTC journey and a tentative Dx of lean PCOS and anovulation. Blessed to get a BFP with a Clomid + Menopur protocol IUI done at CCRM. Conceived Harvey (born Jan.2014) without trouble, and thus became one of the annoying ALI stereotypes, even though her body is far from fixed. She is making progress on finding the balance between the financial necessity of working outside the home 4 days per week with the desire to be home with her kids more often. Loves to travel and speak French, drink beer in the sun with her husband and friends, and enjoy all of the outdoor activities that life in Colorado has to offer. Josey can be found at her blog, My Cheap Version of Therapy.


Chandra – Lover of bacon, coffee and beer.  New SAHM to Stella born in June 2012 after 3 years of infertility due to unexplained annovulation and MFI.  5 rounds clomid, IVF miscarriage and then BFP naturally after her cystectomy and DH’s varicocele surgery.  Chandra is a pastor’s wife which surprisingy does not curb her tendency to curse and drink like a sailor nor has it dampened her love of sarcasm.  She is also in LOVE with the ‘caps-lock’ key as can be seen on her blog: MetholicBlog.  Chandra and her DH are also foster parents and have been parents to 4 foster kids.  Feel free to contact Chandra,[at]gmail[dot]com, with any questions on her fertility journey, fostering journey, or love of bacon.  Chandra can also be found lurking on Twitter.



Julia, formerly a molder of young minds, has briefly stepped away from that task to manufacture a child of her own. Along with the standard baby accessories such as hands and lips, she is planning on installing chrome side-pipes, rollbars, and a bitchin’ spoiler. She is fending off accusations that Jesse James is the true father. She blogs at 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Baby

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