featured posts – august 2012 collection

Our main goal here at PAIL Bloggers is to help connect individuals struggling with various aspects of the PAIL part of the ALI journey. The Featured Post is meant to highlight a post (past or present) from a blogger that specifically relates to the challenges of being pregnant and/or parenting through ALI. We hope this helps you to connect with other bloggers individually, in addition to perusing the blogroll for other kindred spirits.

August 2012 – Featured Posts

  • SRB highlighted a post by Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan on teaching your kids about adoption so adopted children don’t have to. A must-read, especially if you’re less than familiar with the journeys of adoptive families.  Check out both the post and the comments!
  • SRB highlighted a post by Courtney at All the Sun For You on her attitude about TTC #2 and the fact that it will take help from a team of  “wonderful people who make building other people’s families their life’s work.” Check out “Just What I Needed” and get a refreshingly positive perspective about the necessity to pursue ART for family building.
  • Jules wrote about her very visceral reaction to reading “Where Do I Belong” by EndoJourney.  From the complexities of emotions in being pregnant after infertility, to the added stress of a high-risk pregnancy and bed-rest, both posts are MUST reads. Comments are closed here, but please share your thoughts with EndoJourney over at her place.
  • Chandra came across Jay’s post “Are you there universe? It’s me, Jay” about the downside of “coming out” as infertile in one’s work environment. Jay also considered how parenthood has altered her thoughts on taking risks in life (but not reckless ones). Pop on over to see more.
  • SRB found a blog post by No Baby Ruth that speaks to how even when blogging in the ALI community, we can still feel lost, we can still hide from what we are really feeling and thinking. SRB and No Baby Ruth discuss how infertility can steal from you your sense of purpose, or knock you off the path you were on before the big IF diagnosis. Read SRB’s reflections and No Baby Ruth’s post “Wanted for Robbery“.
  • Jules featured a post by Gemini Momma, “Breaking Dams“, that spoke to a struggle we all probably face, that once a very much awaited child is here, the fear and the worry still lingers, still haunts us.  Gemini Momma relates this beautifully through a dream she had that made her aware of just how much a part of her was ‘still there’ was still living her infertility struggles, was still “that woman in the nicu wondering if her babies were going to be ok.”  See Jules’ reflections and share your own thoughts on this often overlooked issue.

If you haven’t yet checked out the posts above, please do so. It is never to late to leave a comment and get connected.

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