featured posts – february 2013 collection

Our main goal here at PAIL Bloggers is to help connect individuals struggling with various aspects of the PAIL part of the ALI journey. The Featured Post is meant to highlight a post (past or present) from a blogger that specifically relates to the challenges of being pregnant and/or parenting through ALI. We hope this helps you to connect with other bloggers individually, in addition to perusing the blogroll for other kindred spirits.

February 2013 – Featured Posts

  • “Thoughts from a DE mom” by KS of  Inconceivable!?!?! . The author shares what it is like to be a Mom to a toddler conceived by DE (donor eggs) and pregnant with another by DE as well. We are often interested in the ‘hows and whys’ of DE we rarely get a chance to hear the perspective of what it’s actually like to reflect and look back on living this particular journey to parenthood. Please visit KS’s blog and read Thoughts from a DE mom for a perspective we don’t often get to hear.
  • EndoJourney, who is celebrating the long-awaited homecoming of her son, born at 24weeks and 5days gestation and the worries and “what ifs” that plague her and her husband. Check out her post “The What Ifs” and offer your support.
  • waiting room,” by Em of Teach Me to Braid. She talks about TTC#2 and the feelings of being back in the waiting room at the RE’s office – just wishing and hoping that we all felt comfortable enough to reach out and support one other in that space. Em likens it to the support that marathoners give each other during a race – this post is definitely worth a read!
  • I became a mother and died to live“, by Janelle of Renegade Mothering. Janelle talks about the huge transition that motherhood is and how looking back and seeing the total identity change that came with it can evoke a sense of loss. And that is OK. We hope you’ll visit Janelle’s blog and share your thoughts!
  • Rain of Weathering Storms, who wrote about why maintaining a healthy open adoption experience is so important for her family. Click here to read “Some news from Ms J” if you missed it, and get a glimpse into how Rain, her husband McRuger, and her son’s birthmother Ms J work to create a really positive open adoption experience.

If you haven’t yet checked out the posts above, please do so. It is never to late to leave a comment and get connected.

Share. Visit. Read. Comment. Support.

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