featured posts – march 2013 collection

Our main goal here at PAIL Bloggers is to help connect individuals struggling with various aspects of the PAIL part of the ALI journey. The Featured Post is meant to highlight a post (past or present) from a blogger that specifically relates to the challenges of being pregnant and/or parenting through ALI. We hope this helps you to connect with other bloggers individually, in addition to perusing the blogroll for other kindred spirits.

March 2013 – Featured Posts

  • Jules shared a post by Arch Mama about infertility, sharing our stories, and healing. It’s a poignant and powerful post, so definitely check it out if you haven’tEndoJourney, who is celebrating the long-awaited homecoming of her son, born at 24weeks and 5days gestation and the worries and “what ifs” that plague her and her husband. Check out her post “The What Ifs” and offer your support.
  • SRB shared a post by The Infertile Housewife regarding the difficulty she had processing her feelings about her breastfeeding experience and the absurd lack of support and understanding she was given. It’s an awesome read – check it out!
  • SRB shared a feature post drawing attention to National Infertility Awareness Week organized by RESOLVE. There is a “Bloggers Unite” challenge, click here to read about it and sign up to participate!
  • Chandra  shared our feature post, Re-boiled, by Justine, of, A Half Baked Life. Justine writes about seeing your child inherit certain traits of yours, and worrying if they are possibly negative traits. Justine also writes about that moment when you realize you have done something just like your own parents did when you were a child, and not liking that realization. Check out the post, and also check out the tasty recipe included with it!
  • Jules shared a “mini-feature”  from Julia of 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 baby, with a great message about getting CPR/first-aid Certified. Please read this post to learn about Julia’s frightening ordeal and thankfully happy ending.

If you haven’t yet checked out the posts above, please do so. It is never to late to leave a comment and get connected.

Share. Visit. Read. Comment. Support.

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