august 2012 – screen time

Here are the entries from your fellow PAIL Bloggers for the August monthly theme post. It is great how we all have such different opinions on this topic – thanks to everyone for sharing your input, opinions, suggestions, and ideas regarding screen time!

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Suggested prompts:

  • Where do you stand regarding screen time for your (future) child(ren)? Not in my house? No big deal? Special occasions only?
  • Does it make a difference to you if it is TV screen time vs. a computer/hand held game?
  • Do you think it is more acceptable for children to watch TV if it is a program geared towards them, or is that just good marketing?
  • Do you subscribe to the Baby Einstein philosophy for introducing your child to the arts and humanities, or do you think it’s just as helpful to play with your kids?
  • If you choose to limit screen time in your house, at what age do/did/will you start those limitations for your child?
  • If you have no problem with the TV being on while your child is in the room, do you limit which shows are on?
  • Are your thoughts and opinions on screen time based on your own childhood experiences? On research? On a combination of the two?

Contributing bloggers:

  1. Kayln over at The Kasun Family talks about her “plans on how TV will be involved in the raising our our almost 1 year old daughter!!!!!” in her theme post.
  2. Josey over at My Cheap Version of Therapy describes in her post how finding the right balance of screen time in their home is an always evolving issue between she and her husband.
  3. Chon at Life Begins says “To watch or not to watch? Children and TV require a balance and it can’t become my crutch when I am having a bad day” in her post, The Idiot Box.
  4. Delenn at Slaying, Blogging, Whatever… outlines “Guidelines, Rules and the balance to be maintained, especially with an older child.” in her post about TV time.
  5. Sarah from Mommyhood After Fertility Frustration takes “A look at the extremes and choosing for now, a middle of the road mindset.” in Screens and Media….my child and my thoughts…
  6. MissOhkay over at the missadventures of missohkay  says “Let’s give a hand, let’s cheer for the team, and rah rah rah for TV (you’ll only get that reference if you watch the ohkay family’s favorite show)” in her post, “We’re going on a trip.
  7. mandski at Chhoto Pakhi blogs about “struggling with acting like human beings instead of laptop drones” in her post about screen time.
  8. Traathy from Happily Ever After… talks about how she and her husband have made conscious decisions regarding moderation of screen time in their house when their daughter is around in her post, Boob Tube.
  9. SRB describes at Little Chicken Nuggets how ”she began writing her post feeling she was doing an awesome job at this, and then suddenly realized what a giant hypocrite she really is” in her post, oh hypocrisy!
  10. S from Misconceptions about Conception says “our family position on screen time is a compromise between what I’d like to do and what my husband would like to do” in her post about screen time.
  11. Gemini Momma over at Three Geminis and a Sagittarius discusses how ”Moderation in all things (except smoking meth, prostitution, and ouija boards which are all no-nos) includes television watching for babies” in her post, TV is evil. Of course I let my kids watch it.
  12. Jules at Two Pink Tulips describes The incredibly detailed and selective list of TV Rules in our household that will make you back away from me slowly like I’m a crazy person ;)  in her submission.
  13. Missy from My Scarlet Baby talks about ”Our evolving relationship with screens” inher contribution to the monthly theme post.
  14. nobabyruth over at No Baby Ruth says “Watching TV and eating brussel sprouts – everything in moderation” in her post, Choosing TV.
  15. Emma at Emma in Mommyland talks about how she and her husband are finding the balance that works for them in her post “…TV and My Baby.”
  16. Chandra from Metholic’s Blog states “If they complain I will open up our door and say “behold, the great outdoors, go do something and try not to break any bones while doing it!” when she describes her TV parenting choices regarding screen time.
  17. Courtney from All the Sun For You says that she and her husband are “…Learning that if we don’t watch TV, then our child doesn’t want to either.” in her screen time post.
  18. Rain at Weathering Storms is taking “…A look at my own history with TV, and how that will inform my choices about my own household rules.” in her post, Screen Time…The Debate.
  19. AL over at Mission: Motherhood talks about how she actually removed the TV from the main level of their house in her post, “This is my kid on Elmo.”


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