august 2013 – feeding your child

Thank you all for your submissions! Below are the posts for the August 2013 Monthly Theme topic, “Feeding your Child.”

Back in March of 2012, the very first Monthly Theme for PAIL was “Breastfeeding,” back when PAIL was a brand new idea and hosted on a personal website. Here is a list of the participating entries from that month’s theme. I’m sure that much has changed for people in the past 18 months though, so we are excited to see what people have to say about things now!

We realize that not everyone can breastfeed, and beyond that, not everyone chooses to breastfeed, but everyone does feed their child, and we’d love to hear about your experience

Contributing Bloggers:

  1. Cathy @ ANDMom: “Feed Your Child” – When it comes to feeding children, eating + growing = win.  The rest is details.
  2. Heather @ One Step at a Time: “Breastfeeding Your Child (Pail Monthly Theme)” – Breastfeeding is tough at first, just like having a new baby. But if you stick it out you will reap the rewards.
  3. Elizabeth @ A New Version of Me: “Feeding My Babies” – My perspective on infant feeding after breastfeeding, bottle feeding and tube feeding.
  4. Josey @ My Cheap Version of Therapy: “selfishly feeding my child(ren)” – A selfish take on what breastfeeding meant (and continues to mean) to me – both positive and negative.
  5. Michelle @ A Well Adjusted Pessimist: “feeding my child” – For me, breastfeeding is so much more than feeding my child.
  6. Kacey @ Recipe for a baby:How do you feed your child…” – Learning to breastfeed, the second time around.
  7. My New Normal @ Finding My New Normal: “Breastfeeding Woes” – Coming to terms with the fact that breastfeeding wasn’t working and trying not to feel like a total failure.
  8. D @ My Life is About the Journey: The highs and lows of breastfeeding (and what they don’t tell you)” – Breastfeeding hasn’t always been an easy road for me.  In this post I have highlighted some of the bumps and bruises that I’ve received so far during my 4 month journey.
  9. Ms. Future PharmD @ Mom PharmD: “Feeding babies” – The saga of nursing for a total of 19 months plus a bit about how solids have or have not been successful.
  10. Megan @ My New Journey with Being a Mom After Infertility and Battling my Weight: “Feeding a Baby-Working Mama Style” – When things once again didn’t go as planned and how I adjusted.
  11. christine @ believing in june: “feeding my kiddos” – How I came to peace with combo feeding my little ones.
  12. missohkay @ the misadventures of missohkay: “It’s just food” – Food. It’s not what’s for dinner.
  13. BMar @ Cloudy with a Chance of Infertility: “Bittersweet” – The end of my breastfeeding journey with a link to my early days on the breastfeeding roller coaster 🙂
  14. Delenn @ Slaying, Blogging, Whatever…:PAIL Bloggers – Monthly Theme – Feeding your child” – My experience of breastfeeding and formula feeding.  What the classes don’t tell you.
  15. Elizabeth @ Bébé Suisse: “Breastfeeding as a mixed metaphor: feeding my child” – Mixing metaphors and overcoming a few bumps in creating a beautiful breastfeeding relationship.
  16. Amanda @ Reading Each Page: “Thank Goodness for Formula” – Feeding my son didn’t work out how I had planned, but thanks to science he is a happy and healthy baby.
  17. RelaxedNoMore @ Relaxed No More: “To Mush Or Not To Mush” – When my little one was 6 months old, he was more ready for solids than I was. These are my contemplations on starting solids and which way to go with them – the traditional puree road or BLW.
  18. Esperanza @ Stumbling Gracefully: “Breastfeeding Take Two” – Trying to resolve my ambivalent feelings about breastfeeding as I embark on a second attempt.
  19. Lisa @ Loving Our Life Together: “Monthly Theme: How to Feed a Baby
  20. ozifrog @ maybe baby, J-man & the adventures of hub-in-boots: “Feeding the jman” – Ozifrog writes about her “boob man,” breastfeeding, and all the things she wish she knew about feeding jman.
  21. Stephanie @ Blawnde’s Blawg: “PAIL’s Monthly Theme Post – Feeding Your Child” – feeding my children, from one extreme to the other

If you are still writing your post, or these posts inspire you, link up in the comments. Additional posts will be added through the end of the week, so check back in to see if any new posts pop up, and feel free to leave some general comments on the topic below.


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