december 2012 – balancing life, work, and parenthood

Here are the posts for our December 2012 topic “Balancing life, work, and parenthood”

Suggested Prompts:

  • Are you working outside the home with little one(s) at home? How do you balance the two? Does your partner work outside the home as well?
  • Did you start working outside the home postpartum and decide it wasn’t for you?
  • What factored into your decision to stay home, work from home, or work outside the home?
  • Did you get that baby in your arms and never go back? How do you balance your responsibilities at home when you’re on call 24/7?
  • Did you start out staying at home and decide you needed/wanted to go back? How did you handle those emotions?
  • How did you find the balance that works for you while being a SAHM/WAHM/WOHM?

Contributing Bloggers:

  • Lulu The Wild Rumpus wrote a post reflecting on her “previous life” as a yoga teacher in an effort to find balance.
  • Missy @ My Scarlet Baby says “There is no end-state of perfect balance, but a constant process of self-correction when we are leaning too much in any direction, in her post, “Doing it all?
  • A left her thoughts about finding balance in a comment on our original post – check it out here!
  • Chon @ Life Begins has this to say about her post:  ’This past week I have had to make decisions about my eventual return to work and how it is going to impact my future. I was surprised by the fact that after all these years I was excited about working.”
  • Traathy @ Happily Ever After talks about finally coming to the realization that when you become a mom it is okay to admit that staying home just isn’t your *thing* in her post about balance.
  • Jen @ The Chronicles of Violetta Margarita says her post, “Balance,” is “a bit of a ramble on [her] plans for when it’s time to go back to work.”
  • Iveta @ Little Livi says “My post is about a very difficult decision I was just faced with after becoming unemployed during a one year maternity leave in Canada” in her post, “When working doesn’t work.”
  • Maggie Lukes @ iMags says “I wrote this last month, all about how I struggle with working 32 hours a week, and having 6 year old twins- mostly it’s about my own conflicting feelings about it, which I’m sure, are probably familiar to any working mom” about her post, “Crazy pills and Ginger Rogers.”
  • Kalyn @ The Kasun Family tells us that her post, “Working Mom,” discusses why she chose to be a working mom.
  • Josey @ My Cheap Version of Therapy talks about how hard it is to not let the “life” ball fall when so much focus goes into Parenting and Work in “Balance.”
  • missohkay @ The misadventures of missohkay says “If life were The Sims, I’d be failing; since it’s not, I’m hanging in there.” in her post “Balance? I laugh in the face of balance.”
  • Kristen @ Buck Up, Buttercup wrote “a post about trying to balance twins, part-time work from home, marriage, writing, “me time,” and household demands–lots of help and prioritizing are key!”
  • Emily @ Emskyrooney talks about “a history of my time as a working mom as I transition to being a stay at home mom…” in her post, “Out of Work.
  • Gemini Momma @ Three Geminis and a Sagittarius wrote a post entitled, “I don’t,” in which she fields the question “How do you do it all?” with the simple answer, “I don’t.”
  • SRB @ Little Chicken Nuggets discusses her current lack of balance as a SAHM, and something about a gardener? … in her post, “wherever the grass is greener, it ain’t gonna mow itself.”
  • April @ R. Sativus says “Just because it’s sunshine and rainbows now doesn’t mean it’s always been that way” about her post.
  • mandski @ full bed says “I don’t have it all, but I have more than enough” in her post, ”Making it Work.”
  • Jules @ Two Pink Tulips wrote her post “Having it All,” and says “Try to be the Hostess with the SAHMostess.”
  • No Baby Ruth No Baby Ruth says, “In trying to find the right way to balance my life, I look to my mom for inspiration” — about her post, “Following in Her Footsteps.”
  • Rhianna @ Arch Mama wrote a post entitled, “On Balance, Motherhood” in which she discusses her attempt to discover balance in motherhood by quitting her job, but ultimately reveals, in a spectacular display of irony, that balance is probably just another stupid urban legend.
  • Ms. Future PharmD @ Mom PharmD wrote in her post, “Balance,” about how sometimes you just have to fake it.
  • slese1014 Mommyhood after Fertility Frustration – wrote about how she is trying to keep all of her “Spinning Plates” in balance, and how TTC#2 is throwing another plate in the air.

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