june 2012 – father’s day: then & now

Here are the entries from your fellow PAIL Bloggers for the June monthly theme post. Visit and comment at your leisure!

Suggested prompts:

  • How was Father’s Day then (while TTC)  different from now?   Talk to your partner – what is it like for him? How is it different now? Is it as bittersweet as Mother’s Day is for many IFers/PAILers?
  • A toast to your partner (if applicable), to your own father, or to your father-in-law.
  • How has your relationship with your own father changed now that you are pregnant/parenting?
  • What is the most important lesson you learned from your father? What wisdom/tradition of your father’s do you hope to pass on to your own children?

Contributing bloggers:

  1. Michelle from In My Life wrote a touching post on her gratitude for watching her husband’s journey into fatherhood in “My Daughter’s Father“.
  2. Courtney at All the Sun for You wrote in her entry ‘Fathers’ Day‘ about the softness and gentleness she has seen come out in her husband since their son M was born.
  3. Ozifrog from maybe baby and the adventures of hub-in-boots wondered in her post “Hallmark Holidays?” about the relationship her husband will have with their child (who will be born before the September date of Australia’s Fathers’ Day) in contrast with their relationships with their own deceased fathers.
  4. Sarah from Fertility Frustration describes “…a low key first Father’s day for my hubs, just the way he wanted it” in her “Fathers’ Day Post“.
  5. Josey from My Cheap Version of Therapy wrote that “Father’s Day is a day filled with joy and love in our house, just the way it should be. Now if only I could remember that my husband can’t read my mind and that he is going to have a different relationship with our daughter than I do. It’s a work in progress…” in her entry “His First Fathers’ Day“.
  6. Erin at Dreaming of Pink and Blue talked about putting the pain of past Fathers’ Days (and Mothers’ Days) while TTC behind them as they embraced the first of many Fathers’ Days to come in her entry “First Father’s Day“.
  7. Baby and the Geeks wrote in her entry “Fathers’ Day Then and Now” about her difficult childhood with her own father and how Fathers’ Day has never been a special day for her, but “…although I still can’t wrap my head around the idea of fatherhood, I do know that DH will be a great father.  He’s kind, intelligent, funny, selfless, supportive, and just what a man should be.  Everything my father was not, and I’m excited to experience those differences.”
  8. Stephanie of Blawnde’s Blawg wrote in her entry “Monthly PAIL Theme: Fathers’ Day” about the pressure she has felt in the past few years to give her father a great Fathers’ Day while desperately wanting to make her husband a father and celebrate him as well– and now, with a new baby girl.
  9. Kalyn of The Kasun Family wrote in her entry “PAIL Blog Post for June: Fathers’ Day” about how the guilt of wanting to make her husband a father made “…Father’s Day was almost harder for me than Mother’s Day while we were trying to get pregnant” but now she is overjoyed to see her husband so in love with their little girl Avery.
  10. SRB from little chicken nugget tells “a tale of three father’s days” from worst to best in ascending order.
  11. Julie Anita from The Adventures of Chicken and Ham presents the story of how her husband became a father in the photo essay “Daddy’s Day”, complete with hilarious facial expressions.
  12. Gemini Momma writes about “…a bittersweet time of remembrance and gratitude for the two fathers in my life” in her post “Two Men” over at Three Geminis and a Sagittarius.
  13. Mrs. Gamgee from Hobbit-ish Thoughts and Ramblings asks us to “Please forgive the sappiness, but it’s not often that I really get to rave about what an amazing father my Beloved is.  I love having a forum in which I can brag on him, and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that…” in her post “My Beloved“.

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