march 2013 – high standards

Our monthly theme for March was “High Standards.”  We asked you to look at your parenting practices and examine if you feel your adoption/loss/infertility journey has led you to hold yourself to a higher standard in parenting. One perhaps higher than you would have had it not been for infertility.

As always, please link us in the comments below if your post contains any helpful resources, references, or other ideas that you think might be a valuable addition to our Resources page. Don’t be modest!

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Suggested Prompts:

  • How has infertility affected you as a parent now?
  • Did having more time to think and plan (due to infertility) make you a more ‘researched’ parent? If so, do you feel it has paid off?
  • Do you feel the time you spent trying to become a parent means you should know more than the ‘average’ parent?
  • Do you hold yourself up to a higher standard? What specific parenting standards do you have for yourself? (Are they about feeding, sleep, education, etc.)
  • Is trying to be ‘succesful’ at parenting one of the ways you cope with having struggled with infertility?

Contributing Bloggers:

  1. Amanda of My life in a nutshell wrote how she feels motherhood can make you egotistical in Why motherhood makes one egotistical.
  2. Alice Anne of Xavier and Alice Anne talks about how a consequence of infertility is that she feels it has made her a better Mom in Infertility made me a better Mother.
  3. Wifey of Punch today in the face gives us the perspective of a secondary IFer on parenting and high standards in her post, PAIL: High Standards.
  4. Josey of My Cheap Version of Therapy writes how when she reflected on her parenting standards, she realized that she feels she’s just your regular ol’ “normal” parent and that it’s pretty great to not feel so affected by her infertility journey in High Standards?
  5. Jules of Two Pink Tulips writes how she has become a very researched parent but feels she struggles with the follow through in her post, Grooving Along.
  6. CJ of Metholic’s Blog writes how she feels she does hold herself up to high standards and struggles with whether that is holding her back in other areas of her life in Trying not to choke on my high standards.


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