monthly theme posts – 2013 collection

The purpose of the monthly theme post is to gather a variety of perspectives on the same topic from around the blogosphere. You do not need to be on the PAIL blogroll to participate in writing, reading, or commenting on the monthly theme posts.

Each month, we will pick a topic and you will have a week to write a post about it on your own blog. When you have written your post, you will contact us to let us know, and we will compile a list of all of the blog entries in one post on the main page so everyone can share their thoughts and see what others had to say.

Keep in mind that not all topics will appeal to everyone, and sometimes you will feel more passionately about one than another. Each topic has the potential for a variety of viewpoints and perspectives, and you are in no way limited by the prompts. You decide how the topic gets your juices flowing. Be as creative as you want to be!

To peruse some of the monthly theme posts from 2012, click on the links below or select the month from the drop-down menu to your right. It is never too late to leave a comment!

January 2013 – Where Do Babies Come From?

February 2013 – Planning Ahead

March 2013 – High Standards

April 2013 – NIAW

MAY 2013 – Body Image

What do you think?

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