This page is a collection of resources built by PAIL bloggers and readers with all sorts of information pertaining to pregnancy, parenting, and of course, fertility. You can also check out our Pinterest page for gear, accessories, and other cool stuff.

As you can see, this page was severely neglected while we were building the rest of the site, and we could use your help. If you have a site or article in mind that you think would be useful to others, or you have a suggestion for a category, let us know in the comments. Please include the URL, site/aritcle title, and a short blurb. We will try to add it to the list as soon as we can.

If your comment has been deleted, don’t worry– we remove comments after we add the links you gave us to the list for organizational purposes. Thanks for your help!


Donor Gametes:

Loss Support and Pregnancy After Loss:


  • – Pregnancy After Infertility – Information about how to handle the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of pregnancy after IF.
  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum – Stories and tips for dealing with something that is much more than morning sickness!
  • Safe Fetus – Pregnancy safety ratings for various medications.*
  • OB Focus – Another site with information about medication risks for pregnant women. Also includes a chart showing developmental stages of the embryo/fetus and when various organs and systems are most vulnerable. It also has a “developmental stage” calculator and a list of medications commonly considered safe, with footnotes.*

* Remember: These sites are a helpful guide, but please always check with your doctor before deciding whether or not a medication is safe to take during pregnancy!


  • Postpartum Progress – Postpartum Progress® is the most widely-read blog on postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth, including: postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, depression during pregnancy (antenatal depression), post-adoption depression, postpartum PTSD, depression after miscarriage or perinatal loss and postpartum psychosis. We focus on the positive messages of empowerment and recovery, because PPD is temporary and treatable with professional help.
  • Out of the Valley Ministries – Christian postpartum depression support for women and their families.


Eating & Feeding:


  • Troublesome Tots – A great sleep resource site, written without harsh bias for/against any one method. The writer is hilarious, and the website is filled with great advice.
  • Simply Noise – A free white-noise generator.
  • Rainy Mood – A free “rain sounds” generator.
  • Sleep Sharing – Some basics about co-sleeping, including some of the benefits for baby’s sleep habits and health.

Reading and Play Time Aides

Are we missing something? Let us know below!


  1. I’ve been meaning to request this since this site got started and the “Baby Blues” post gave me the kick in the pants I needed to send it to you! It helped me after my miscarriage, when I believe my PPD started. I think it’s a great resource for postpartum depression and anxiety:

    • Hi Emma! I was just about to put a call-out in the weekly summary for this very thing. And that site would have been my choice. Thanks! We will get a section started in a few days. 🙂

  2. Hi, what a great list of resources. Please add Parenting After Infertility & Loss Ministries to your list.
    Thank you!
    Kim Conger
    PAI Founder

  3. T5: Join @resolveorg’s online support group called Living After Infertility Resolution #alimomsalon

  4. Would you please include the following resource under “Pregnancy” resources? It is a free e-book devotional, “Rainbows and Redemption: Encouragement for the Journey of Pregnancy After Loss”. It was written by ten PAL women and is available (free download) at Thank you!

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