mothering, a tribute to the cause – the wrap up

First off, we would like to say a huge thank you to the seven ladies who stepped up and offered to share their thoughts on mothering this past week. As expected, they had a huge range of thoughts and emotions surrounding the topic, and it has been great to get a chance to read about the concept of mothering from so many different perspectives!

If you didn’t get a chance to read the posts and comment this past week, please take a minute to go back through these posts. I think you will find feelings you identify with, concepts you can learn from, and thoughts to share with others.

Happy Mother’s Day from everyone here at PAIL!



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mothering, a tribute to the cause

Hey PAIL Bloggers!!

  • Do you have any thoughts about mothering?
  • Did you know that Birth Mother’s Day & Mother’s Day are coming up in two short weeks (May 11 & 12)? [ETA: It is also step-mother’s day on May 19th! We apologize for the oversight.]
  • Do you want to be featured on PAIL?

Because guess what – we’d LOVE to hear from you!

Throughout the week of May 6th, we would like to feature posts from all of YOU about — well, whatever you’d like to write about mothering! You can write about your own mothering, your mother’s mothering, mothering in general… I mean really, write whatever you would like. We are calling it:

Mothering, a Tribute to the Cause

If you’d like to participate, please fill out the form below to let us know, and then please submit your finished post to us via email by Saturday, May 4th. We would love to feature your posts throughout the entire week, so please participate to help make this a success!

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