questions from the blogroll: “sour milk/nasty formula triple whammy!”

This week we got an email from a reader looking for feeding advice for her daughter. While we have gathered some resources on eating/feeding, we thought “Who better than the blogroll to go to for advice?” So here we are folks – can you help?

The (Once) Bunless Oven wrote to us with this question:

Hi girls!

I hope you can help me – I’m currently struggling with the triple whammy of a baby with a dairy/soy allergy, breastmilk that is souring on storing (fresh or frozen) and an allergen-friendly formula that my little girl won’t drink. Eeek!!

I posted about this the other day and would *really* appreciate the advice and support of the awesome PAIL community. I’m sure there are women out there who’ve struggled with a situation like this. I’d love to hear from them.

Thanks! xx

What say you? Any words of advice? Have you written about this previously? Do you know of any resources that could help a mama out?

Please head over with any helpful advice! We will leave comments open here too for sharing of stories and resources as we are sure other families are (or  have) struggled with this as well. Thanks for sharing!


If you are struggling with something, bring us your questions – the blogroll is there to help! Submit here! Check out our resources (which would we love to keep building with your help)!

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