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Last week, a reader emailed me this post from Unruffled Lanie and it really made me smile. Truly, warmly smile. I wish that I had read something like this when I was (finally, for keeps) pregnant to remind myself that in spite of all the fear and anxiety, it was okay to feel joy, to feel lucky, to feel blessed.

The reader who submitted it said “I really love how even after a very difficult IF journey, Lanie is writing about feelings of HOPE and HAPPINESS during her pregnancy instead of fear… to remind us all to stop and smell the roses.”

Here is just a little of what Lanie has to say:

I just have to take that all in. There I sat, in the same place, the same girl but with a big bloated belly so uncomfortable that I need to unbutton my pants while I relax in my car (and sometimes forget to re button). So I just had to say to myself as goosebumps came over me “THIS is the moment you’ve been praying for! It’s going to be okay”. I have no worries except if I can finish my third taco. No worries! It. feels. so. good.  I’m actually excited about my 12 week appointments this week and for my NT scan. Not scared. Excited. Happy. Feeling lucky and blessed.

Please head over to Unruffled Lanie to read the rest of ‘Lucky’  and be reminded to be mindful, no matter where you find yourself sitting.

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