The PAIL blogroll is a listing of participating bloggers who find themselves pregnant/parenting on the difficult journey through adoption, infertility and/or loss. This list is meant to connect bloggers along this road to share experiences, advice, resources and friendship. For more information on the PAIL community as a whole, please click here.

The blogroll is divided into four sub-categories depending on the current pregnant/parenting status of the blogger:

If you are already on the blogroll, please add the new button to your blog as the old one has been disabled. You do not need to be on the blogroll to participate in any PAIL activities or events, or to comment on anything on this site. Everyone is welcome here! If you would like to be added to the PAIL blogroll, please fill out the form below. You decide where you fit best. If you choose, you can then add the blogroll button to your blog (pictured above) by following these quick and easy instructions. Regarding Secondary IF and/or loss – it is up to the individual blogger to decide where they fit on the blogroll and how they describe their blog. It is also up to them to ask be moved if/when their situation changes if they choose. If you would like to make a change to your current entry on the blogroll, please contact us and put “blogroll” in the subject line. Note that when moving the blogroll, we did our best to make sure everyone was moved to the appropriate age category. Please check before you contact us to make the change!

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